Casino Bonus Time Limits and Other T+Cs

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Casino Bonus Time Limits and Other T+Cs

Another common type of promotion for new sign-ups and loyal members is the referrals bonus. Operators will usually give current players a code to share with people who are yet to join. If the new sign up uses their code, they could get a type of free bet, free spins or another type of offer. At the same time, the loyal member who referred their friend may also get a bonus or VIP points towards another casino benefit.

Monthly Deposit Bonus

But this isn’t the only type of perk available to players who are already members. The best online brands reward the loyalty of current players by offering incentives to those who deposit a certain amountinto their casino wallet each month. It won’t even matter if you win from your game play throughout the month. As long as you meet the depositing requirements, you could get free spins, free bets or free entry to VIP suites and casino tournaments.

Payment Method Casino Bonuses

You may not be aware, but some ways of depositing money or paying for things on the internet cost small amounts of money to businesses. These can be avoided with alternative payment types, such as PayPal, other e-wallets and even Bitcoin. Some UK casinos, therefore, give players free bets and benefits for depositing with payment methods that are cheaper for them to process.

Casino Wagering Requirements

Sometimes offers can look better than they actually are. Once you truly understand the casino wagering requirements tied to any casino bonus, then you can see how good the promotion really is.

A wagering requirement is a type of limitation placed on the offer you receive if it comes in the form of a free monetary bet or matched bet offer. The wagering requirement will ask you to bet the casino bonus you are given multiple times before you can withdraw it along with any winnings you have made. Wagering requirements are usually between x20 and x50 the original deposit. For example, if you received a free ?10 bet and there is a minimum wagering deposit of x20, you will have to bet that ?10 20-times (?200) before being allowed to withdraw what is left. Ultimately, you have to win (or not lose) many bets before getting your hands on the cash.

Wagering requirements are in place to prevent the operator losing out or getting scammed. For example, if a casino gives free ?10 bets, some people could withdraw after one bet on a likely event. Or they could fraudulently open several accounts and use the free ?10 bet multipletimes – or use multiple free bets against each other to guarantee a tidyprofit.

If you are looking for the best promotions, then make sure to look for the wagering requirements, so you understand what it takes before getting to withdraw any winnings.

It is not just the wagering requirements that you should consider when looking for the best casino deposit bonuses or similar promotions. You need to be aware of time limits, game limits and betting limits. Let’s take a look:

#1: Time Limits

Even the most generous casinos will add time limits to their free bet promotions. You may be given a certain period, usually around six months, to use a free bet. This means not only placing apple pay online casinos the bet but meeting the aforementioned wagering requirements mentioned above. You will not be able to keep a free bet going for over a year (althoughit would be impressive not to lose it over that sort of timeframe) and expect to be still able to cash out.