Laoghaire asks who Brianna is, and she proudly proclaims herself Jamie’s daughter

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Laoghaire asks who Brianna is, and she proudly proclaims herself Jamie’s daughter

Ian confirms that Jamie never did, and neither did the rest of the family

Jenny Murray immediately recognizes Brianna as Jamie’s daughter, but before she can welcome her niece, they’re interrupted by an indignant Laoghaire MacKenzie who came there when she heard about a rider resembling Jamie Fraser sighted in the district. Laoghaire asks who Bree’s mother is and Bree says his wife, and Laoghaire asks which wife.

As they walk through the hall, Brianna first looks at the painting of a young Jamie with his older brother William and then is shocked to see Ellen’s portrait

Amid the turmoil, Young Jamie leads a shocked Brianna to the parlor where she meets her uncle Ian Murray who welcomes her. Laoghaire accuses Brianna of showing up to get the money Jamie owes her and demands to know who her mother is. Brianna stands up towering over most of the men and all the women and coolly reaches into her pocket and produces her mother’s pearl necklace and proclaims her mother is Claire. Jenny assures Brianna her mother is safe and with her father, and Bree is relieved. Laoghaire tries to claim the pearls, but Brianna snaps them up. Laoghaire claims Claire is a witch, that she bewitched Jamie from the day she came to Castle Leoch and made Laoghaire invisible. She warns the Murrays about bringing a witch’s child into their home.

Brianna declares Laoghaire’s words hogwash and calls her a murderess, and recounts to them Claire’s story about how Laoghaire tried to kill Claire by telling her Geillis Duncan was sick, knowing they were going to arrest Geillis and if Claire was there, they’d take her as well. Laoghaire’s brother takes her away, but before they leave, she tells Bree her father is “a liar and a whoremaster, a cheat and a pander.” When they leave, she finally sits down, begging for reassurances that her father never stopped loving her mother.

Brianna is astounded to find the Murray family overjoyed to see her. Ian explains that they never thought Jamie would have children of his own. She realizes they love him and were happy for him. She asks where he and her mother are and Jenny offers to show Bree the last letter they received from him. Jenny says that’s why she knew who Brianna was right away. Brianna thinks that two hundred years from now, she will stand in the National Gallery of London and look at the same portrait. Jenny tells her that it is a self-portrait, and Bree realizes where she got her talent for art.

Jenny tells Brianna her parents are in the Colony of North Carolina, not near any town, but Jamie writes every day and then will send it when he or Young Ian make the trip to Cross Creek. Brianna reads the letter, and Jenny remarks that they live in a savage place. Brianna assures Jenny that she will go there as soon as she can. She shows Brianna an Indian-made pouch he sent her and asks Brianna to stay for a few days and exclaims that Bree is so much like her brother.

Ian gives Brianna a tour of the farm, showing off his wife’s prized sheep and potato fields. He tells her that it was Claire’s idea to plant them, and it kept them from starving more than once. He says it was also Claire’s urging to eat leafy green vegetables that he still has most of his teeth. He tells her that Jenny is worried Brianna might blame him for Laoghaire as it was her who insisted he ie lived in after Culloden, and she climbs the hill to it. She realizes that Jamie must have found an enduring strength while spending seven years in the cave.