One told me I “tried to sell sex” through my profile

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One told me I “tried to sell sex” through my profile

I’m most unhappy with AFF, and below is the letter I’ve sent. Beware of this sort of unjust and arbitrary treatment!

I had a wholly exasperating and rude experience with your customer service staff today, after I found my account deactivated. I believe I had several more weeks pre-paid service coming to me, yet I could get no reasonable, clear or compelling explanation of precisely why this deactivation happened. The very annoying bottom line I got at about 11 pm EST from Cat and Loribelle (identified as supervisors to me) was that “we will not reactivate your account” and “we will not provide any evidence of your violations to you”. Cat told me I would have to “get a subpoena” in order to know the evidence behind the violation charges. I was quite taken aback that your staff would be making such silly statements. And, she hung up on me, too. While that might be a matter of “he said, she said,” I will tell you I was not abusive. She just got tired of me asking questions and simply trying to get some clarity from her! These conversations took place via this AFF customer service number: 610-757-****.

Both those ladies were wholly unclear on the various violation charges. When, I asked? March 10, she said. Well, I know nothing about that. I was shut out of chat on March 16, for giving my email address in the chat room, and I was cut off from chat for 24 hours. AFF sent me an email March 16, notifying me of this penalty. Ok, fine. but, what’s with the selling sex thing? It did NOT happen. But. no evidence will be provide is the only response I got.

However, the immediate reason for deactivation seemed to be my actions today. I DID transmit a video via the webcam, and it was a video of us (the two of us, as it was a couples profile). Your staff told me recorded video on webcam is prohibited. Well, I didn’t know that. When I asked. where is that prohibition specified in AFF’s “terms and conditions”. Well, Loribelle didn’t know, so she put me on hold. She came back and said it was in article 3. Well, I had that in front of me, and I had read it. I don’t see such a prohibition there. She hung up on me when I tried to go through article 3 with her.

Hey. IF there is such a prohibition regarding the AFF webcam system, well, I would abide by that. I didn’t know that. Of course, ignorance on my part is no excuse. But, where is this rule specified? And, in any case, should I be axed for that.

Related to this, your staff alleged that, today, during the same broadcast in question, I “solicited” by showing some unspecified (to me) “email address and website”. I did NOT do that, and they would not tell me what alleged email and website was shown. Using the ManyCam software, I did stream a message on my cam which said: “Ladies and couples, email us for real meets only please. Standard members can email us, too”. That’s it. I surely did NOT show any email address or website address.

I said

Confusion reigned as I tried talking though this with your staff. One mentioned that evidence included a “screen shot”. great! That will exonerate me, since I did not broadcast any solicitations. She said, however, that I was not entitled to see that screen shot, and that it was in another department, so even she wasn’t looking at it. Ha. so much for evidence!

She also made reference sugar daddy ma to the alleged complaints by 4 members today. This got murky, but I think the claim was that 1) I was showing a recorded video on the webcam and 2) I was showing email and website addresses. Of course, I said, that solicitation allegation is NOT TRUE! Can’t AFF itself verify what I allegedly did?

And, both Cat and Loribelle said the same thing at the end. we were “going in circles”, they won’t provide any evidence, they won’t reactivate my account. and they hung up.

Well, only they were going in circles I never asked for reactivation. I was asking for the facts and the truth. And, they both lost patience with that. As a paid customer, I surely feel it is the responsibility of AFF to go MUCH FURTHER than the staff did today in explaining why there were cutting off services I had already paid for.

Yes, I have very carefully read the terms and conditions. I think you guys are on thin ice about that recorded video thing. It may be standard practice to press members not to do that, but I don’t see where you have that in writing. STILL, I would surely refrain from that, but I was not given a second chance.

As an aside, I would suggest that you look into better equipping your staff to deal with these sorts of situations. I surely believe that the “we-have-the-evidence-but-we-won’t-show-it-to-you” approach is decidedly NOT customer friendly, and could hardly be deemed “service”!

She was not willing to cooperate on that question, though

I look forward to hearing from you on all of this. I’ll close by noting that I have used AFF extensively over the past 7 years or so, much of that time with several paid profiles. One would have thought that my customer loyalty might have counted for something.