Reich techniques were perverted by the elite scientists to create the Trauma-based Mind control systems

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Reich techniques were perverted by the elite scientists to create the Trauma-based Mind control systems

Reich during his tutelage under Freud at the Vienna Institute saw the implications Freud’s theories and developed a form of therapy that by-passed the rational mind and worked directly on the blocks located in the muscular structure of the body.

Trauma-based mind control creates multiple personalities which are nesiac barrier, they literally re-wired the CNS. Neo-Rechian therapy simply reverses the process, using the breath the body begins to open up the areas that have been bypassed by the TBMC, as the nervous system reconnects the stored trauma begins its dumping process. Their unfortunately are counter-programs that often can send the person into suicide behaviour as one begins to reconnect and gain use of his or her mind again.

Understanding the method of their madness opens the mind to understanding the madness in world affairs

Reichian therapy basically holds that our capacity to experience joy and fully-realized lives is constricted by walls and armor we put up to protect us from the world. Reichian therapy looks at the attitudes patients use to close themselves off, and helps the patient analyze them and eventually break them down, in order to live more expressive, open lives.

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To heal the split in the mind one needs a steady supply of higher frequency energy. The mind when immersed in a high frequency field will navigate here utilize that energy to reorganize the body. The mind will begin to move in the direction of unity.

BRT is the most elegant form of therapy and may be the most powerful. It has the capacity to delete diagnosis faulty subconscious programs, delete them and reinstall positive life-affirming software. Recovering the circuitry of the body’s functions and cleansing of toxins will have a positive effect on freeing the mind.

There are also many devices on sell that can help restore the body and mind. Orgone generators and breathing apparatus to help oxygen into cells are very useful.

Throughout life, especially in Western conditioned nations we have grew up on convenience. We have had a lifestyle where we have been provided for and in willful ignorance we have taken everything into our minds and bodies with blind trust. We have not lived naturally or followed the true path of creation and as a result been poisoned by the hand that feeds us food and information. We live outside of natural time for the calendar and modern clock is out of sync with natural law. In most circumstances we eat and sleep unnaturally while we listen to the egotistical mind always telling us to get somewhere by a certain time through work, religion or recreational pleasure, never remembering who we are and how we should just BE. For this reason we are self destructive and before we can CHANGE the world we NEED to change OURSELVES!

Information is information. Knowing thy enemy is strength. Getting into the minds of the controllers is the only way you can defeat them.

Before someone can adjust to a positive mindset they have to WAKE up to reality. We can sit around for the next twenty years in the hope that Jesus, aliens or someone else will intervene to save us from ourselves while in this time the elite will work tenfold to establish their agendas in a time of revelation.

All I am doing is offering information. It is up to the individual to investigate and feel the need to inform others which can only increase awareness.