The check I write is for one billion dollars, and it also takes on that value when I sign it

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The check I write is for one billion dollars, and it also takes on that value when I sign it

Additionally, contracts are also void when they are unconscionable. And in the Union, where rights are considered to be provided by God and self-evidently at that, even supposedly “voluntary” servitude becomes unconscionable.

This scam only continues, as well you know, until a large enough segment of the public become aware of this. Because the People, typically, do not favor being stolen from – and that’s putting it mildly. They’ll hardly continue wanting to swap debt that’s been labeled value around, with the inevitable results to society. And when the trend continues, their motivation to restore the situation can only become, well, stronger. To pick a word quite out of the air.

The transaction is a simple purchase – an even exchange. Let’s say you want a billion dollars. The bond you create clearly states “One Billion Dollars” on its face, and it takes on that value the moment you sign it.

But don’t worry, you can continue to prosper beyond your wildest dreams according to these terms. You just can’t let too many people find out how this works or how much you’re prospering. what we need them to believe . in order for us to continue our extremely lucrative contract without too much resistance.

The created money ends up being paid by the people, since it is spent into their economy. You spend it into the economy for free, the money the people are working for gets diluted, and they pay for it through gradually reduced fruits of their labor. [The dollar of 1913 is worth about 4 cents now in 2013 21 .]

We must make sure through any means necessary, that not too many people even come close to figuring out, that all they have to do to end this great scam of ours, is to collectively stop using Federal Reserve Notes 23 . For if they did that:

The last three Central Banks of America came to their end because the people didn’t like the results. That is why this fourth one had to be stealthily created using the word “Federal” so that people would think that it’s part of the government, using the word “Reserve” to give the impression that there’s something of value such as gold or silver being held, and using the word “System” to have people think the it would disperse the power from New York to 12 banks in different States; and that is why it was done the day before Christmas break.

Disclaimer: This author does not encourage or participate in any violent or unlawful methods to resolve issues brought up in this article, or for any purpose. If there are some factions of any of the above solution groups that engage in violent or unlawful acts, such acts are unknown to, and not subscribed by this author. Also, there are some solution groups that are created as controlled opposition, possibly even among those above. The reader is encouraged to do his/her own research and due diligence.

13 During the year 2018, US taxpayers paid the interest on the National Debt amounting to $523 billion according to the US Treasury – more than a quarter of the $1.89 trillion of income tax collected – just for the privilege of using Federal Reserve Notes as money.

However, the solution offered in this video doesn’t seem to make any sense. It suggests to remove the power to create fiat money from the banks and give it to the government. But loans online payday Montana this would only work if governments were significantly more responsible with money than bankers. “Money as Debt” is not included here, but is available on the internet.

Just been sent this very informative video that I think you will like a lot. Don’t know how long this video will be available. Hope this information can get out to people.

This is a great lecture by Ben Stewart and is very esoteric knowledge he teaches. Hope you enjoy this very rare upload before it is taken down.

‘We can sit around for the next twenty years in the hope that Jesus, aliens or someone else will intervene to save us from ourselves while in this time the elite will work tenfold to establish their agendas in a time of revelation.’

To be able to fully break free from aspects of mind control someone must know they are under mind control. Mind control can vary from mass society hypnosis which has been gradually introduced through elite institutions through education, religion, mass media and mainstream science or advanced mind control of an individual whose mind has been fragmented to alternate personalities. For more information on this research MK ULTRA and MONTAUK which were and still are (under different projects) two experimental programmes in operation by the elite.

The best solution of all is for people to stop conforming to control and learn how to say NO. We do not need to give up power to anyone who deceive. We need to free our minds from control first and foremost before looking to solutions.

In Hermetic studies the MIND is structured through the Kabbalah teachings of the tree of life which opens up the polarities of energies to the human physical body and the metaphysical realms of creational spirit. When the energy flow is at full capacity and the polarity of creation is unified and all experience equilibrium do all realities fuse and become one. In this oneness state of mind the higher knowledge of the universe can be channelled. In the unified mind higher knowledge is gained = heaven, and in the split mind one dwells in the lower mind= hell.

This next caption is taken from a President Bill Clinton speech in 1994 on MTV. This is what he said,

Yes, the truth is found within, and what is within is the same as what is out there. “As within so without.”

On the contrary, you’re going to have to do a lot of ‘crying broke’ from now on, so that people will believe

Like Bill Cooper, I am Human, I too am passionate about freedom and the welfare of the human race. When a nudge in the right direction is not enough to move forward then a push will be more sufficient.

Glad to hear you’re off the meds, Dan. Just keep up the positive thinking, stay with natural foods and remedies as much as you can and you’ll do well.

If it was accurately named using the phrase “Central Bank”, the Federal Reserve Act would not have got off the ground

If money grows on trees, it’s not fast enough for the Federal Reserve. That’s why they have to pull it out of the air.

omg! this is amazing. I will be researching all the sources you have listed. It would be so nice to be free from the slavery of the federal reserve. I voted this up and tweeted. Looking forward to hearing your helpful tips as I am in need of HELP! with finances. 🙂

Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality.