The fourth consideration would be the type or types of TLD that should be chosen

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The fourth consideration would be the type or types of TLD that should be chosen

If one is choosing a domain name intended for an adult oriented or sexually explicit site there would be good reason to mandatorily use the

Now on the other hand, if your business name is something like ?John’s Pro Welding Services of Summitville, Arkansas I think we should see if we can somehow reduce that a bit.

In sume is not life and death and you would be much better served pursuing other important elements such as high quality, relevant and useful website content amongst other things.

When it comes to TLD’s it is hard to argue against the fact that is the top dog. Therefore, if you are a commercial or even non-commercial enterprise I would strongly suggest you consider the option assuming it is available.

It is also okay to use a TLD that identifies your website more clearly. In other words it is perfectly okay to use .NET for a network, .BIZ for a business, .EDU for educational, .INFO for informational, .MOBI for mobile, etc., etc.

As was mentioned with the length of the name, the TLD that is chosen will not have a life and death effect. An example of this is which page ranks at #42 globally and which page ranks at #6 globally. Other examples could be given wherein a ranks poorly and a non- does very well. Once again, other factors carry more weight towards success such as high quality, relevant and useful website content.

The fifth consideration is whether or not we should use numbers and or dashes in the domain name. Based on my personal research and experience it would be okay to use a number but I would recommend against using a dash. Roughly 5% of the top 500 page rank websites have numbers in their domain names while only roughly .6% has dashes.

Note: Notice how Loading-delivery1 uses a dash and a numeral?… and yet most of us could only dream of having their page rank of #289!

I would also like to mention some very interesting and thorough research done in 2010 by Karan Girotra and Karl Ulrich entitled, ?Empirical Evidence for the Role of the Domain Name Itself in Website Performance.?

In this research I quote Girotra and Ulrich as stating, ?Next our estimates reveal that the use of a numeral in a domain name is associated with an improvement in the website rank of 8.19%. We had hypothesized that the use of numerals and other unconventional spellings increase recall, but may increase coding errors and limit the navigational yield. Our results suggest that on balance the use of numerals is associated with better rank.?

Girotra and Ulrich go on to say that their research concluded, ?The use of a hyphen in the name is also associated with a website rank about 2.9% worse.?

The sixth and final consideration when choosing a domain name involves the ethical, moral and legal ramifications of the choice. Everyone should take responsibility to do their part to keep the World Wide Web within a respectable range concerning the code of conduct.

Let us begin with morality issues. First off, let me make it clear that I am not here to judge any domain name or website contents, my point here is that everyone needs to do their part concerning the protection of innocent bystanders such as underage people and children.

ORG for an organization,

The entire purpose of the .XXX TLD is so that adult oriented content can be viewed by those who desire it and simultaneously avoided by those who wish to ignore it. This is helpful for parents and workplaces as they have the ability to block the entire TLD from access.