We met some nice people and it was great to be so open about our relationship

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We met some nice people and it was great to be so open about our relationship

I can imagine the party will be sexually charged and her is this young woman on display for their amusement

I wrote before about Mike and I attending some FetLife functions. One was a public meet and greet at a restaurant and one was a private party at a private club. We enjoyed our time at both functions but ultimately decided not to continue to attend such functions or socialize with those that we met.

He told us there would not be sexual penetration with strangers, but there could be certain other sexual acts and we are subject to whatever he feels would entertain the guests

Our disinterest in continuing to go to such events was simply that we felt “our cup runneth’ over.” Both our social dance card and our sexual and kinky appetites were full. Both Mike and I agreed that if the right opportunity arose we would be open to going to a function. That opportunity has arrived.

John and Donna have become active in FetLife and attended many functions. They can thank Mike and I for opening up to this. Before we “came out” to them, they were very private in TTWD, despite a desire to be more open. Well, we’ve opened them up, as they have opened us. They don’t swing, but they enjoy putting their relationship on display. They also enjoy the company of other like-minded kinksters.

John and Donna decided they want to host their own private party at their house with a somewhat small circle of kinkster friends that they have met. Of course, Mike and I are invited, and Kayla too. It’s something like three or four other couples, so with the three of us and John and Donna, something like 14 to 17 people.

When Mike told me and Kayla about the party, he told us that we would be helping John and Donna host it and as hosts, were responsible for some of the entertainment. He told Kayla that she was going to be a “centerpiece” of sorts to great the guests. They plan to place a bench near the entry way just inside the house. Kayla is to be tied to it, fully nude and blindfolded. Her arms and legs will be tied such that she is spread out and very exposed. At some point after everyone has arrived Mike will untie her and walk her to the living room and Kayla and I will both masturbate for the crowd. Kayla will leave her blindfold on the entire time.

Mike said there may be more “entertaining” that will be required of the two of us, as will be required of Donna as well. This is all within the bounds of our DD contract as well as within Kayla’s.

Mike asked Kayla what she was feeling and why, and if she had any concerns or questions. She simply replied, “I am both excited and nervous, Sir. I am excited https://hookupdate.net/cs/hispanskych-seznamek/ because you are asking this of me and I love to please and serve you. I am nervous, maybe a bit scared, cuz’ I’ve never done such things in front of strangers. While I am open with you two, I am still self-conscious about my body. But other than that, I don’t have any concerns or questions as I trust whatever you come up with will be safe while still pushing my boundaries. Thank you for this opportunity, Sir.”

Mike then asked me the same question. I was less accepting, but my concerns were on behalf of Kayla and not for me. I’ve written before that I am a closet exhibitionist (Post 20. Putting on a Show) and love the idea of sexually performing for others. But, I am concerned about how these strangers might treat Kayla. I decided not to cast any doubts or concerns in front of Kayla, so I simply replied that I too trusted in his judgment and that it sounded like fun – but, I did give Mike this certain “stare” that I have that he recognizes. It is the I-have-more-to-say,-but-let’s-talk-later-stare.